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  Do you know what is this? This is my Garbage box. That's another version of earrings found here.     Rrrrrr! I'll start something new now. 
  How often do you remake ready things? I often. Sometimes it 2-3 earlier. 

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  1. I have a translucent bin to hold my wire scraps and all the dead things that kinda fizzled out half or most of the way through. Those bits of jewellery I use to practise new ideas on. Those earrings at the top of the heap are really cool, and look like they could be rescued.

    1. I respect you for what you have the patience to go back and rework. I always like to move forward and forward. I might lose something. But these earrings have not inspire me. I will seek a new elegant shape.

    2. It's more like I'm way too cheap to throw something out if I think I can eke out the least possible use for it. I know what you're saying, but all that time thrown into the garbage -- I couldn't quite bring myself to do that. I know exactly what I'd do with those earrings -- get rid of all the loopy bits, wire crystals or stones in the middle and turn them into two necklace pendants, hang on leather and done.