He and she

The labradorite has a magical shine. But this story not about the stone. It's about love!
I hear the talk of these deer. "Where are you? I'm looking for you!"
" I'm here, I'm waiting for you."
Even when we met a special person. All the same, we want to hear:" I miss you, I'm looking for you!"
Large copper bracelet with natural labradorite stone. On both sides of the stone is a picture of the forest and two deer, he and she.
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DIY jewelry tutorial - Bird necklace

This wonderful little bird will tell you how to fix a cabochon and solder the copper. Ready to go?
You need:
  1. agate cabochon 13x18 cm 
  2. copper wire 18, 20 and 28 gauge
  3. Chain nose pliers
  4. Round nose pliers
  5. Wire cutters
  6. Hammer
  7. Miniature Horn Anvil
  8. File
  9. Butane torch
  10. Board for soldering
  11. Copper-phosphorus solder Felder 94
  12. Maas Polishing Creme and Polishing pads


Owl and moon

  Not all our dreams come true. But it's so nice to watch the moon and dreaming. 
  Owl and the moon are always together. They have combined in this pendant. The glass cabochon glowing magical light of the moon, gold and blue. 
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Smoky quartz earrings

Sometimes restrained colors hide the true passion. 
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