Blue tit

The little birds are so defenseless. Perhaps most of all they are waiting for spring. And because they are sing so genuinely welcoming it. Titmouses song - the first sign of spring.
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It's amazing how many birds there are in the culture of mankind. This jewelry was inspired by Scandinavian legends about Odin.
Wire copper necklace for him or for her. Unisex jewelry for casual style.
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Blue space

The deep blue color of lapis lazuli - it's like infinite space. Everyone has the unexplored universe in his soul. Sometimes I regret that I can not understand and embrace the soul of others. I get only hints at the answer.
Wire copper necklace with natural lapis lazuli in my etsy shop.


Forest king

This noble majestic beast traveling by jasper wood.
Grey jasper necklace with copper deer.
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