About my country

Very detailed and interesting article in Washingtonpost about my country.  If you want to know what is happening in Ukraine, you can read it.


The wishes come true

   My first wish - to work with silver. If you are waiting for this as well as I - enjoy! :)
   Copper - it's beautiful, I will not leave it. But the silver - perfect in its own way. 
   First, the color absolutely magical, shines some light of heaven Without patina decoration looks so frail and weightless, and even better with a patina. And often I doubt - patinate or not?
   Silver is very different in stiffness. Copper after annealing was malleable as clay, but the silver remain tough. Fewer traces of the tools harder to fix the ends of thin wire.
   And best of all - a thin wire not torn or broken in the wrong place and can withstand repeated loads.
   Silver soldering is not like soldering copper. This metal is very easy to melt. Therefore we must be very careful to warm the whole piece and carefully prepare the place of soldering.
 A new sterling silver jewelry:


More hearts!

More hearts and more joy! :) Is not it amazing that people have invented a special day for love?
Because all of this is actually real - kindness, love, and mercy. This is not just a tradition or chemical reactions in the brain. All this is the wonders that exist as long as we believe in them.


Hello! It's me!

It's time to change something! I'm start with my avatar. Hi! Let's look into each other's eyes.
Old my avatar was cool and red (my favorite color), but quite conceal my face. Now I'm starting to like the color blue - it's so quaint and elegantly.
And more..


Good-bye, happy 2013 year!

There is a tradition - to sum up at the end of the year. I was a little delayed this. But it is a very enjoyable activity, do it today.
2013 was very happy for me. I want to look back and remember all the happy events. :)
What happened in 2013...