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Since the last time on my page appears more personal posts, I decided to create a separate page for my creativity. Here I will publish their new creations, tutorials, news and store promotion. Glad to see you in Ursula Jewelry


Ukraine mourns.

Fighting in the center of Kiev, Ukraine ON-LINE, videos locked channels. LiveBroadcast

Government blocks the road to Kiev to not come, people from other regions of Ukraine.Berkut constantly provoke peaceful demonstrators.
Dear friends! I want the world to know - in Ukraine there is no terrorist. We went to the barricades against corruption and bandits.


Iris - Art Nouveau jewelry

   During work, I always watch movies. Sometimes it's a mini series BBC, sometimes documentary series. Recently, I watched the history of art - it helped me to remember what I studied at the university. Again, I was inspired by Art Nouveau. So there was a bracelet and necklace "Iris."
   Modernist artists often times painted iris. This flower has an elegant shape and slightly pretentious.


Ice tears

Sometimes we cry. And these tears becomes valuable experience for us, or relief, or reward. Some of the tears we want to keep.
The wire silver pendant "Ice tears".


The key of Spring

   There is goddess Lelya in Slavic mythology - the goddess of spring and fertility. And yet it is the patroness of young children. Even now, we often call babies "Lyalya". Thus, we urge the blessing of the goddess Lely. 
   This character of a young goddess, who brings love and joy of the earth, is very impressive. I think she wore a small silver key to unlock them the rainbow and young leaves.
   Lelya was the daughter of the mother goddess Lada. Together they were called goddesses Rozhanits. They were the epitome of the female essence of man and nature, the embodiment of peace, fertility and birth. 
But once the evil goddess Morana kidnapped Sun and Lelya - hid them in an ice cave. Then reigned eternal night and winter on earth . 

   Thunder god Perun, husband Lelya, saved her - with golden lightning broke the power of Morana and returned the warm to people . 
Spring will come again soon and we'll all be glad and rejoice when we hear the first thunder