Sea for manatees

   I created a new jewelry made ​​of copper and Larimar. This is an amazing gem. It has a light turquoise color, the warm ocean water. 
   I dream that mankind learned to recycle their rubbish completely and the sea on the planet Earth again become clean. My dream is that wild animals, such as whales manatees lived freely. They are graceful, peaceful and defenseless.
   The bracelet is made of copper. I used solder in it. And from the pendant - a free form. Here I used the forging of thick wire, without soldering.
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Wire Easter egg

  There is an ancient tradition - to paint Easter eggs in Ukraine. As a child, I often did it with my mother and sister. We did "pysanka" - painted patterns molten wax, then dipped in egg onion peel.  Obtained orange egg with white pattern.
  It was a very enjoyable craft - we sat by candlelight family, were calm and unhurried conversations became closer to each other.  I love spring holiday of Easter. I myself bake festive bread for this day and decorate the eggs with his little daughter.
  But today I'll show you an egg that I made from a copper wire. I used Swarovski beads of sky-blue and ivory color. This colors very well with copper and symbolize spring sky. This egg is the size of typical chicken eggs, but I want to try to do even bigger.


Chernigiv - is a most peaceful place in the world

This is my hometown Chernigiv now. :)
I'm posting these pictures to the whole world saw how beautiful my city. Because we are Ukrainians, we are very peaceful nation and we do not want war and do not want to Russia. 


How to make a silver ring - metalsmith.

These are my findings on the internet some good instructional videos.

Soldered Stacked Rings Tutorial - Beaducation.com

How to make a simple ring of silver, even a few species, soldering - very detailed and clear lesson (25 minutes).

A ring with a stone. Solder is shown in detail, and as a stone in a frame clamp (9 minutes)

Basic Silver Smithing Making a bezel style ring Part 1


More pearls

I love pearls. This is such a feminine and gentle material. I create jewelry set with pearls now. It will earrings, pendant, ring and bracelet yet. But I hope to continue this theme something special.


Happy women's day!

Happy women's day, dear girls!  Be beautiful, be in love - this will make the world a better place.


Nobody will be able to harness the unicorn!

Today I finished a new Wire sculpture. This is my response to Mr Putin: I want to live in a free country and will not tolerate the occupation! 

Unicorn - a symbol of strength, wisdom, unity and chastity. I made ​​this sculpture 3 days of copper wire and filmed the process on video.
I took the heart from the moonstone for my Unicorn - clean and strong, like tears.