Garnet drops

The ideal form for tenderness! A little elvish topics in my jewelry.
Sterling silver set with garnet drops.
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New materials for new creative year

Hello, my dear friends and customers! I love to buy new materials early in the new year. Therefore, I have some questions for you. What kind of gemstones are you prefer? Do your buying gemstones for your zodiac sign? Or simply buy jewelry that suits you? I am grateful for all your answers! 

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Changes in my life

My second assistant actively growing. He has a good appetite and loves milk. I think I was very lucky to be a mother of two children. And even more lucky that they have a good sleep. I have time to sleep and do my favorite job - wire work. I really miss if long have not the ability to create jewelry. We did a great permutation in the home. Therefore, I have a small piece of the table to work. But I dream about my big workshop and save money to get it. In the meantime, my life is like this. )))) I am glad that customers do not forget about me and I have new interesting orders.

When my son sleeps
And when he is awake