Tools for wireworker

Do you want to see what tools  I use for making  my jewelry? ;)
I divided them into groups according to importance.

I - Required tools:

1 - Round nose pliers. It is used for bending wire.
2 - Chain nose pliers.
3 - Wire cutters.
4 - Big wire cutters for cut the 15-10 -gauge wire.
5 - Ruler
6 - File, to smooth the ends of the wire.
7 - Large needle - to correct a thin wire.

II - It is desirable to have:

1 - Steel hammer with steel handle. For flatten the wire.
2 - Hammer to create texture.
3 - Rubber hammer to dub wire, but not flatten it.
4 - Miniature Horn Anvil
5- Another Chain nose pliers.
6 - Steel Electronic Digital Caliper, for measurement.

III - Probably need:

Gas-burner (torch) - for making balls at the end of wire or for soldering.

Board for soldering and tweezers for soldering.

IV - Much easier the life of wireworker but not mandatory:

Grinding and Engraving Tool(Accessories: Carbon Steel Brush, Diamond cone, Rubber polishing disc). It`s use to accelerate the process of grinding and polishing, drill a hole or make a tourniquet.

V - Useful things, may be need:

It is used for sheet metal work: Bezel Roller and Square Pusher, Shears for metal and Jewellery saw.

Vice, Ring Stick  and Pre-Notched Bench Pin.

WigJig  - for create designs from a wire. But I do not use it. I think this is too limiting my imagination.

As you can see, I do not use too complicated and expensive tools. :) 


Deer mum

Spring - it`s a time when young animals are born. Wire pendant - "Deer mum". Copper and jasper.
 I used the saw to cut silhouettes of deer. Then I soldered them.
For sale in my etsy shop.


How to prepare copper wire to work.

If you buy the wire in the hardware store - it will be in isolation. I use stationery knife to remove this isolation.

The wire should be soft so as not to put pressure on it with great effort. If push strongly - tools left a deep dent.
I should also make sure that there is no cover on the wire. Otherwise, I can not oxidize copper.
Fold the wire in the ring and heat the gas burner until the red lights. Slide the burner all the time, so as not to melt copper.

When heated, appears yellow flames and smoke - it burns lacquer. Work under the hood, as smoke is dangerous to health.

After heating the copper changes color. It is black. But we can return purity copper with a solution of citric acid. This dietary citric acid, which is sold in supermarkets and grocery stores. 1 tablespoon acid half cup of water. Warm solution over medium heat until the copper is cleared.

Thus we get a soft, clean copper, which can be easily folded hands even without tools. 
Very thin wire 29-24 gauge is better to buy uncoated. 


Deer pendant

This pendant dark blue agate and copper. I used a saw and solder to make the silhouette of a deer on it.
For sale in my etsy shop.


Very thin chain - how to fix? Tutorial.

If you really love the thin chain, but do not know how to fix them on the clasp, you can check out my way. Special secret for you!

I use these little clips here:
The size of the chain link 1х1,5 mm