Flowers, more flowers! This jewelry have a secret: if you look against the light - appears on the stone silhouette amaryllis. This is because the back side have a hole in the shape of this flower.
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Mother of dragons

Another one inspired by Game of Thrones. )) Wire pendant - Mother of Dragons. I'm use the natural pearl. It`s so clear and shine, so it resembles glowing hair of Daenerys Targaryen. 
It would be funny - to make jewelry on the theme of all queens.))))
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Throne by Queen

Throne by Queen - statement majestic pendant and ring with green-blue quartz. It was inspired by the famous TV series. I am not a big fan, but I like the work of the artist in this series.
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Jewelry set with labradorite

Many years ago I draw paints quite well. Maybe try again? wink emoticon At least I can use a brush to take a picture of the new jewelry.
Statement copper jewelry set with magic labradorite: ring, pendant and earrings.
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