Stardust - the set

My dream is to grow long lush curls to also wear such chic combs. :)
And while I create ridges for all beautiful women. And other elegant jewelry, of course.
I think the combination of opaque sapphire and moonstone is very similar to the starry night.


Christmas gifts

The spirit of Christmas is getting closer and reminds me of family gatherings, gifts and fun. In the new jewelry I used traditional Christmas colors: red, white and green.
I look forward to the winter with great impatience. There is a lot of snow in Ukraine every winter - it's very beautiful. Ho-ho-ho! ))))


Wire wrap art - polishing.

Polishing - is the processing of materials to produce a mirror finish surface.
Why patina and polished? To identify the the relief, placement of accents and expressive way. But! Solely at the discretion of the author.
I will share my impressions about the three different ways:


The search for harmony

I tried a new way to create jewelry - absolutely no sketch. I usually draw simple sketches, even if the overall shape: round, oval, triangle ... But now I have done everything as prompted me to wire. I followed this movement was looking for melody and harmony.


Morning with carnelian

Jewelry with carnelian look very sincerely. Orange color of the stone so open, inspires confidence and makes smile.
Wire pendant and ring in my etsy shop