The Universe

I am take part in the challenge of Ivona Posavi Pšak!  We had to do something circle. I worked and watched the Discovery Channel. So there was this pendant - the Universe. I display all the 4 elements: fire (garnet), earth (copper), air (space), water (silver waves), and even plants and stars. The first time I used the copper and silver together in one creation.
For sale in my etsy shop 


Autumn look!

What can please a Woman is more than a new handbag?
New autumn look! Beige handbag perfectly suited to my cloak and shoes. It creates a romantic image.
I bought this bag in the Etsy store of my girlfriend . It's very nice. I decided to try this art and sew a small purse for my daughter. This is a very exciting experience.


Weave like knitting

It is a way of weaving wire. This can be used to make a bracelet or a ring, for example. I used copper wire 13 and 24 gauge.
Patience and time! It will be fun! :)



New beautiful bracelet with copper leaves of ginkgo.
For sale in etsy shop. 
A few photos of the process.


Helpers for wire-worker - flex shaft tool

I often get questions asked - as I am doing my jewelry so neatly? What to do with traces of tools? Here you are, video about the helpers of wire-worker. 
Make your jewelry faster with fun! :)