Patina - Liver of Sulfur

In this video I will teach how to make liver of sulfur and cover with a patina of copper jewelry.
1 part baking soda and 1 part of sulfur mix in a ceramic crucible. Heated on the fire until brown. All the while thoroughly. If you see a fire - blow it.
Important! Work must necessarily a respirator, goggles and gloves.
When the powder is cooled down - fill it with water and store in a bottle with a tight stopper, without air.
Pour part of the solution to the water and soak there jewelry. When it goes dark, remove the excess with a sponge patina and  polishing paste.
Rinse brooch in dish detergent and cover with varnish to metal. :)


As I weave copper cobweb

These are two videos in which you can examine in detail the process of weaving. I use 28-29 gauge wire to create a strong patterns. Base - 16-18 gauge.
The action takes place in really workshop Ursula Jewelry, my work desk. Seen my tools, supplies beads, gems, my work notebook. Come for a visit, even if we are divided by the ocean! :)


How to make beads at the ends of the wire. Need burner. The burner is fueled by gas. A piece of copper wire and bend the end dipped in borax. Then send the flame up to the very end of the wire. Time to remove the flame, not to burn through the wire.
I used a wire 16 gauges in the first case. And 20 gauges for the second time.



Early October morning. The air is clear as crystal. There is a first frost on the grass. Fox's family has calmed down in his dark hole and sniffs anxiously - something must happen.

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