Thistle - wire pendant

Thistle - symbol of a free Scotland. It's a wire copper pendant. I used solder to make a thistle flower and its sharp leaves. It was a long process. In the end, I realized that I love to weave wire, and do not like to engage in soldering.  
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Ukraine is a big cleaning.

Today my daughter and I attended a cleaning nearest park - Birchwood. We met many nice people.  The weather was cold, but no rain. We had a good fitness - all while crouching, leaning, and climbed through the bushes. Ha-ha! 
 I never thought that people can create so much garbage in such a short period of time. It was a good lesson for me. We sorted trash. Everything that can be recycled - must be recycled.
There still remains a lot of trash and we will clean again.
Daughter found a large coil. She thought it was a dumbbell. And I found a TV in parts. Lacked only console. )))


Tutorials - I need your help!

Dear friends, I need your help. 
As you know, has already created two paid tutorials about wire wrapping here. They are in demand, and I want to continue. But I can not choose what to write next:
1. Pendant Ametrine video-tutorial? It is pendant freeform.
2. Pendant-heart? It would be a simple symmetrical design and soldering of copper.
3. Pendant-key? This is a complex and asymmetric design and soldering of copper?
4. Necklace collar? This is a complex symmetrical design without soldering. Use tape and flexible connection.
And one more question. You prefer to use as a video-tutorial (but it is more expensive and longer downloadable) or PDF file with lots of photos?

I am ready to do everything.  And even more. It will be paid lessons at an affordable price. But I want to know what the most interesting.
Please tell me your opinion. It is very important to me. Thank you! :)