Spring mood

Simple and elegant set with Chrysolite. The color of this stone is so fresh and spring. It makes my mood better!
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Search ideal

  Do you know what is this? This is my Garbage box. That's another version of earrings found here.     Rrrrrr! I'll start something new now. 
  How often do you remake ready things? I often. Sometimes it 2-3 earlier. 

Смайлик «frown»


Keep your winter forever!

 Let it be a story about a fairytale forest even in the summer heat. The ice will melt soon already. 
Any size of rings and keys with quartz crystal in my Etsy shop.


Wire Dragon tutorial

Finally I found the time and made a new tutorial for your wishes. It's about wire Dragon! Tutorial are available in my etsy-shop www.etsy.com/listing/266808005 This is for advanced users only. Because work is very complicated, it will take 8-10 hours. I explained the little things, like how to make a ball on the end or solder copper. But I told exactly how to make a sculpture of the animal.