Garnet drops

The ideal form for tenderness! A little elvish topics in my jewelry.
Sterling silver set with garnet drops.
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New materials for new creative year

Hello, my dear friends and customers! I love to buy new materials early in the new year. Therefore, I have some questions for you. What kind of gemstones are you prefer? Do your buying gemstones for your zodiac sign? Or simply buy jewelry that suits you? I am grateful for all your answers! 

Смайлик «kiki»


Changes in my life

My second assistant actively growing. He has a good appetite and loves milk. I think I was very lucky to be a mother of two children. And even more lucky that they have a good sleep. I have time to sleep and do my favorite job - wire work. I really miss if long have not the ability to create jewelry. We did a great permutation in the home. Therefore, I have a small piece of the table to work. But I dream about my big workshop and save money to get it. In the meantime, my life is like this. )))) I am glad that customers do not forget about me and I have new interesting orders.

When my son sleeps
And when he is awake


I am in the press

Great news! My tutorial about bridal earrings was published in this magazine! I'm so proud! And maybe we continued cooperation in next year.



White owl

Charming bird. So much grace and dignity! I love owls. 
The wing in this necklace - a white opal with plant patterns.I think it will be perfect with dark sweater.
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Nature gives us a charming colors right now. Golden gentle sun is everywhere - in the trees, the flowers, the jewelery! Rutile Quartz reminds me of golden chrysanthemums. Their beauty is elegant and a bit tragic.
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Copper pendant "She-Wolf"

  My idea of Sansa Stark is just that - a strong but feminine. Wire copper pendant with light blue kyanite. Pendant has a smooth symmetrical composition very feminine but strong. Kyanite stone looks modest and even ascetic. But it has a magical silvery-blue color that attracts attention. This handmade jewelry inspired by Game of thrones.
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Inspired by Game of Thrones! Big statement necklace with red jasper. It`s like queen Cercei Lannister, right? ;)
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Moss and dew

Happy summer! This one - is like a moss with drop of dew. Wire copper pendant with green jasper.
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Arher girl

Archer girl - Ygritte. Another piece of jewelry that was to inspire by Game of Thrones. Copper and amethyst - wire pendant.
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Emerald Flame Crafts: Ukrainian Etsy Craft Party

Etsy craft party in Ukraine! I was happy to visit it and find new talented artists! 

Emerald Flame Crafts: Ukrainian Etsy Craft Party: This Saturday in Kyiv the 'Ukrainian artists' team hold an Etsy Craft Party. Every year Etsy invites communities from around the gl...


Lovely weaving!

I think about something simple and elegant at the same time. I used my favorite weaving.
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And a little process:


Wire Weaving - When the wire breaks suddenly


 It's very sad when you're carried away weaving and wire broke suddenly or over. I recommend  to remake this place completely - it will be reliable. But if it is difficult and you will certainly want to continue - you can take an extra piece of wire and weave on. In this video I show how you can connect the two pieces of wire. Such connection better make at point where the item will no affected of tension and friction.


Handmade holidays

Sometimes i leave the wire and looking for a new craft. Yesterday I began to sew a new handy bag for myself! Old sewing machine of my grandmother helps me - it is manually operated, not very comfortable. As my grandmother used it?! ))) 



Flowers, more flowers! This jewelry have a secret: if you look against the light - appears on the stone silhouette amaryllis. This is because the back side have a hole in the shape of this flower.
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Mother of dragons

Another one inspired by Game of Thrones. )) Wire pendant - Mother of Dragons. I'm use the natural pearl. It`s so clear and shine, so it resembles glowing hair of Daenerys Targaryen. 
It would be funny - to make jewelry on the theme of all queens.))))
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Throne by Queen

Throne by Queen - statement majestic pendant and ring with green-blue quartz. It was inspired by the famous TV series. I am not a big fan, but I like the work of the artist in this series.
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Jewelry set with labradorite

Many years ago I draw paints quite well. Maybe try again? wink emoticon At least I can use a brush to take a picture of the new jewelry.
Statement copper jewelry set with magic labradorite: ring, pendant and earrings.
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