Rose - wire collar

The most tender of copper collars with silk ribbon. I was very fascinated by the colors ribbon - gradient from light yellow to pink. Thus was born the idea of ​​making his collar and tie a bow-knot.


Car for wire work artist

   Today, I found my dream car - a car for wire work artist! :)
Of course it is not well-suited for the weather conditions in Ukraine. But it is beautiful! Very thin and hard work - so many details!
   A Croatian company MG Vrbanus manufactures doors and fences, and for advertising they decorated wrought Volkswagen Beetle.
   3500 man hours, 6 months of work, 24-carat gold leaves, 5000 Swarovsky crystals, and all that knitted with love and effort. Completely functional 1970 Volkswagen Beetle got the new bodywork made of wrought iron, and became world-famous. 


Video Tutorial: How to fold a beautiful spiral and flatten it with a hammer.

I'm using a round copper wire of 1.3 mm in diameter. Have to bend very carefully, in small steps. I cut flat (not round) area within the helix.
I love working  with a metal handle hammer - it is quite, well absorbs vibration and shock. Hammer with a wooden handle is also good, but I like less.
We need to knock gently to evenly flattened wire. Step-by-step. Take your time - then we will have the edge is equable. 
I tap with a hammer just the reverse side. Thus the front side will be as smooth as mirror. 
The sharp edges of the wire is required to smooth out needle files.


How I tamed my dragon.

One day I wanted to make a wire not a lewelry, but something alive, with character. So Garnet Dragon was born. As it was ....


Pendant "Bird cherry"

Recently graduated from the green onyx pendant. The design of a complex and elegant at the same time. Cabochon onyx has no holes - so fasten it securely is very difficult. The form of copper curls always get the special, it depends on the size of the gem. I try to design has turned melodic and at the first attempt.


Jewelry tutorial - Tree pendant

A little lesson on how to make a pendant tree of copper wire and make a patina on copper using ammonia.

Sinshine island

Set of wire bracelets and necklaces "Sunny Island". It is a reminder of the summer, the ocean and the solar wind. The design looks like ocean waves. Beads Larimar look at the sky, and swarovski beads on sea foam.
For those who can not live without the sea.