Autumn look!

What can please a Woman is more than a new handbag?
New autumn look! Beige handbag perfectly suited to my cloak and shoes. It creates a romantic image.
I bought this bag in the Etsy store of my girlfriend . It's very nice. I decided to try this art and sew a small purse for my daughter. This is a very exciting experience.


Weave like knitting

It is a way of weaving wire. This can be used to make a bracelet or a ring, for example. I used copper wire 13 and 24 gauge.
Patience and time! It will be fun! :)



New beautiful bracelet with copper leaves of ginkgo.
For sale in etsy shop. 
A few photos of the process.


Helpers for wire-worker - flex shaft tool

I often get questions asked - as I am doing my jewelry so neatly? What to do with traces of tools? Here you are, video about the helpers of wire-worker. 
Make your jewelry faster with fun! :)


Kokopelli naclace

Let's dance with Kokopelli! Dance! And let our life will be fun!
It is the god of fertility and love. This is what gives us the strength to live and to create.
I've been working on this project. At first I conceived it as a bracelet. But then abandoned the idea and decided to make a necklace.
For sale in my etsy shop 
This work will participate in the competition of wire wrap art on :Music and autumn:.

I used solder only to create a circle. I drew a picture of Kokopelli marker and cut out his jewelry saw. I tied the center circle to the base using a thin wire
Some steps in the process: 


My morning.

My day starts with sports, music and apple. A esch I love a warm shower, coffee and chat with friends. Then I start working at my desk. There all is left in the form in which I left in the evening.


Big trip to Ukraine.

This is a short story about a big trip for me and my family in our country Ukraine. We drove 2300 miles, visited 5 cities, 4 castle, 2 waterfalls, mountains, canyon, cave and found a lot of friends.
It was wonderful! :)