Fun with wire! Hello, Winter!

Do not be too serious to be happy. Isn't it?  Artists work hard - it's true. But we know how to have fun! Happy wire Winter! I'm just playing with ball of wire and that's what happened.


Life in circle

I'm working on a new collection of jewelry "Life in circle". All jewelry will be combined the two ideas. I want to do it in a circle, symbolizing the peace, balance and perfection. And all these jewelry will talk about life, its beauty. Look in my Etsy shop.

The first is Simple Wolf necklace for her or for him. Do you feel like Little Red Riding Hood? Boo! Beware the dark forest! ))))

The letters are beautiful works of art in themselves. But if they have a special meaning - it makes them even more attractive. You can capture all your secret messages in personal jewelry.

This one is romantic and gentle. The plant pattern and small pearls give tenderness for it. 

Unique wire wrapped necklace with moonstone and ancient pattern. It's a symbol of life movement.  


Let's make this Christmas together!

My shop is filled with beautiful jewelry and sculptures yet. If you are looking for a gift for Christmas, now is the best time to make the order. Every day I send parcels worldwide to help you get it in time. 


Lapis lazuli minimal jewelry

Be strong, be beautiful like a heather, even if you are small!
Minimal wire wrapped necklace and earrings are available in my Etsy shop. 



I just want to share my discovery! This artist from Japan, who also loves the wire and does extraordinary things with it. I love these wings and butterfly!  Look! It's so elegant and beautiful! ワイヤークラフト作家 wiretree


Wire copper Owl

  Perhaps you dream of your own owl, which can bring you mail?  It will be a good friend for you or your loved one.
  I made this owl with copper wire. This sculpture is small, so it does not take up much space in the house. It can be placed on a table or shelf. It does not require special care - can be washed in cold water. Copper is lacquered to protect polishing. 
  The beak of this bird is done in a way that could pinch a note or reminder message.
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He and she

The labradorite has a magical shine. But this story not about the stone. It's about love!
I hear the talk of these deer. "Where are you? I'm looking for you!"
" I'm here, I'm waiting for you."
Even when we met a special person. All the same, we want to hear:" I miss you, I'm looking for you!"
Large copper bracelet with natural labradorite stone. On both sides of the stone is a picture of the forest and two deer, he and she.
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