Wire Weaving - When the wire breaks suddenly


 It's very sad when you're carried away weaving and wire broke suddenly or over. I recommend  to remake this place completely - it will be reliable. But if it is difficult and you will certainly want to continue - you can take an extra piece of wire and weave on. In this video I show how you can connect the two pieces of wire. Such connection better make at point where the item will no affected of tension and friction.


Handmade holidays

Sometimes i leave the wire and looking for a new craft. Yesterday I began to sew a new handy bag for myself! Old sewing machine of my grandmother helps me - it is manually operated, not very comfortable. As my grandmother used it?! ))) 



Flowers, more flowers! This jewelry have a secret: if you look against the light - appears on the stone silhouette amaryllis. This is because the back side have a hole in the shape of this flower.
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Mother of dragons

Another one inspired by Game of Thrones. )) Wire pendant - Mother of Dragons. I'm use the natural pearl. It`s so clear and shine, so it resembles glowing hair of Daenerys Targaryen. 
It would be funny - to make jewelry on the theme of all queens.))))
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Throne by Queen

Throne by Queen - statement majestic pendant and ring with green-blue quartz. It was inspired by the famous TV series. I am not a big fan, but I like the work of the artist in this series.
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Jewelry set with labradorite

Many years ago I draw paints quite well. Maybe try again? wink emoticon At least I can use a brush to take a picture of the new jewelry.
Statement copper jewelry set with magic labradorite: ring, pendant and earrings.
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Ideal solder for copper wire

  I was looking for the perfect solder for copper and finally found it. This is a solid copper-phosphorus solder Felder 94, no silver content.
  I conducted an experiment and to solder a few rings, using different types of solder.

1 - Copper-phosphorus solder paste. On the one ring I put more paste to another less.

2 - Solid copper-phosphorus brazing with silver content.

3 - Solid copper-phosphorus solder Felder no silver content.

And here's the result: solid solder does not leave silver trace. Especially if you use the optimal amount.

  This is a video where I took the whole process of using solid solder. Copper-phosphorus solder very hard. Use very large wire cutters to chop solder into small pieces. If you get a big piece of 3-4 mm it can be cut in half.
   It is important to choose the best size for each solder joint. Place the solder near the seam. Because the phosphorus content in the solder, we can work without flux. Use a butane torch to heat the copper. Solder is melted by hot metal and will flow into the place with the highest temperature. This way you can control it. If too much solder can distribute it on the surface of a metal with a flame. After heating the copper became dark - use citric acid to clean it up.
   Use solder-paste is more convenient (it's easy to apply and it melts more quickly) - but it always leaves a dark mark. It is very upsetting to me. Another advantage of solid solder - it does not have a pungent smell like solder-pasta. I have been working under the air hood, but still lack of smell - is of great importance to me. And solid solder convenient to store, it does not deteriorate with time and is not toxic.