Amethyst comb

Wonderful special order - copper comb with pearls and amethyst. My customers inspire me to new ideas.


Rock crystal pendant

   Did you happiness travel along the mountain river and find the magnificent waterfall? This happiness and wonder that are available to everyone. I am always amazed that so natural stones like natural phenomena. Rock crystal reminds me the cleanest water of Ukrainian river Manyava.
   Wire silver pendant with natural rock crystal. This jewelry was made by special order and sold now. But I can make something similar.


Wire copper Bird with garnet key

What have you brought me, little bird? Do you want to give me the key of happiness? Let this life will be bright as this spring. heart emoticon
Wire copper sculpture for home - Bird with garnet key. Available in my Etsy shop.

 This is a short story of creating sculptures with copper wire. This process takes many hours. But those hours are filled with joy, because I have the opportunity to do what I love most.
  I love nature, and it is part of my work all the time. Therefore, the animals and birds are often the main characters of my works.


Still life

Many years ago in spring... There is the photo of my mom and dad.

Around m town there are a lot of forests.
And there are a lot of sweet blueberries. I froze enough berries.

It is rainy today! But my succulents and I need it.
It's so nice to start new day with coffee at last.
 If you have a baby, you understand me.


Symmetrical necklace DIY project

Tutorial on how to make symmetrical necklace with leaf-bail in English. All steps have been described in great detail, 120 pictures. There are helpful videos how to work with saw. PDF tutorial - 13 MB, 59 pages.
Useful information, what you will receive:
- how to make symmetrical necklace in wire
- how to create a bail leaf form
- how to fix briolette
- as copper soldering using torch


The mention of winter.

Thin branches of the tree hold your hand gently. They grow everywhere around, because there is spring. And let it linger piece of ice in memory. Wire copper set is available in my Etsy shop.
Blue Quartz really like the ice. A copper wire has the same warm color and shape as the branches.

Cuff bracelet



Drawing watercolor plants  -  is my hobby for free time.