Lucky clover from green island. Do you want to find it on your luck? This pendant made ​​of copper and natural malachite.
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Thistle - work in progress.

I met with the new tools in the process of working on this project. Here are a few photos.

Stubborn Thistle flower

Stubborn Thistle flower - always inspires me with its beauty and durability. His pride and strength astound. I knowingly worked for a week on this project. Wire copper pendant with black agate!
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Tutorial - Wire pendant with cabochon

How to fix a smooth cabochon of agate and turn it into a pendant without soldering? And most importantly - how to create a harmonious composition of wire? My new tutorial reveals these issues. 100 photos and detailed description only 8$ :)
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Currant leaf

I am trained to work with new tools - jig saw and tin snips. It's very exciting. Now I need more copper sheet. Haha!
This pendant I used Czech glass cabochon. I love this mateial - they have a wide variety of colors and blend well with copper.