Wreath of poppies in the process.

Do not think that I left the weaving of wire. Just sometimes I deal with another favorite activity - produces hair ornaments for my daughter. Tomorrow we have a holiday last bell at school. Svetlana goes in the national Ukrainian costume in a wreath of poppies. So all morning I carefully made it. 


TV-show with Oksana Trukhan.

My dear friends. With many of you, we know only through correspondence. But today you can see what I'm small, nimble talker on video. :)
This show was filmed in February. Unfortunately only in Russian. The girl in the center - it's me. TV - this is a special world of illusion. It was very interesting to see how this happens. I am happy that I got on the show and was able to tell many people about the wire wrapping in Ukraine. This is fine art. Maybe someone will do it, too.


Soldering of copper - tutorials

New tutorials about soldering copper with torch in my etsy shop: Carnelian heart and Forest key.  Price 6$ and 10$. Many detailed photos and video accessories soldering process.
Useful information, what you will receive:
- how to create symmetric and  asymmetric shapes
- how to fix briolette
- how to copper soldering using torch
- what torchs and gas I use 
- how to make accessories for jewelry: holder and clasp