Tools for wireworker

Do you want to see what tools  I use for making  my jewelry? ;)
I divided them into groups according to importance.

I - Required tools:

1 - Round nose pliers. It is used for bending wire.
2 - Chain nose pliers.
3 - Wire cutters.
4 - Big wire cutters for cut the 15-10 -gauge wire.
5 - Ruler
6 - File, to smooth the ends of the wire.
7 - Large needle - to correct a thin wire.

II - It is desirable to have:

1 - Steel hammer with steel handle. For flatten the wire.
2 - Hammer to create texture.
3 - Rubber hammer to dub wire, but not flatten it.
4 - Miniature Horn Anvil
5- Another Chain nose pliers.
6 - Steel Electronic Digital Caliper, for measurement.

III - Probably need:

Gas-burner (torch) - for making balls at the end of wire or for soldering.

Board for soldering and tweezers for soldering.

IV - Much easier the life of wireworker but not mandatory:

Grinding and Engraving Tool(Accessories: Carbon Steel Brush, Diamond cone, Rubber polishing disc). It`s use to accelerate the process of grinding and polishing, drill a hole or make a tourniquet.

V - Useful things, may be need:

It is used for sheet metal work: Bezel Roller and Square Pusher, Shears for metal and Jewellery saw.

Vice, Ring Stick  and Pre-Notched Bench Pin.

WigJig  - for create designs from a wire. But I do not use it. I think this is too limiting my imagination.

As you can see, I do not use too complicated and expensive tools. :) 


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    1. Oh, thank you! I hope my English is understandable. :D

  2. Thank you for this very helpful post.
    Except for the file, I got everything to start with - just need some time to actually do it ;-)