Good-bye, happy 2013 year!

There is a tradition - to sum up at the end of the year. I was a little delayed this. But it is a very enjoyable activity, do it today.
2013 was very happy for me. I want to look back and remember all the happy events. :)
What happened in 2013...
Any problem - it is disguised luck. 

I left work in the office. I worked as an artist in the gaming industry 8 years and did not think that this will change once.
It happened without my desire. And I did not understand what it is good a luck at first. Now I work with metal from 6 to 10 hours a day - and I have enjoy.
Patience and a little effort.
I opened a shop on Etsy. This required many hours of hard work. But I got a lot of new knowledge about the style Etsy, marketing and photography. And best of all - I met people from other countries. I continue to study the culture, which differs from the Ukrainian. This makes the whole world closer and clearer.
That year was created a recognizable brand Ursula Jewelry. I invented its  philosophy and logo.
She-bear - a symbol of the constellation Ursa Major. And this is due to our Slavic goddess Makosh - patroness of women's crafts. And I just love bears. We have a lot in common: strength, courage and dignity.
The more I know - the more I know that I know nothing.
Ideas do not end there. The more I work - the more ideas are born. This year, I have created 90 new designs. The most successful in my opinion: sculpture Dragon, pendant-cloud, collar and mask.

I had the opportunity to spend more time with my family. And we made a trip across Ukraine. We visited many wonderful places: swimming in the Black Sea, the caves, visited the Crimean Mountains, a picturesque park in Uman Sofievka and many museums. 
I brought a lot of ideas from this trip and implemented them in their designs.
Teaching - is a light!
It turns out that teaching someone we ourselves learn more effectively. All year I continued to study the work with metal and generously shared his discoveries in a blog. I conducted classes for all who came to Chernihiv and wanted to learn the wire wrap art.

I learned how to solder copper using copper-phosphorus brazing and gas burner. This allowed me to create new complex designs.

Familiarity with the sport.
Hooray! Now I can not reach the nose to the knees! ))) I changed my lifestyle: every day to do exercises and refused sweets! It did not make me thinner, but I became more hardy and mobile.

I also found the courage to participate in exhibitions and competitions. To start was vytsavka in my country's capital, Kiev. It brought me a lot of new friends.

My mask "Fata Morgana" won first place in the contest in Russian Community Wire Wrap & Metalsmith. I was very surprised and happy about this. :)

This year I met a young talented photographer Iren Brynza. I hope she will be doing a photo of my jewelry now, and I get more time for creativity.)))

I won the contest "National Jeweler" on our Ukrainian television. And received an offer of cooperation from some magazines to publish my tutorials. But it will only be for the summer - expect to continue. ;)

Our little darlings news: daughter went to school, got her first belt in Capoeira and mastered bike.

I hope you were interested in my news. And what 2013 brought for you?
Happy New Year! Let us not be afraid to make a wish, and do them!
New Year's Eve I made two of the most cherished wish, and one has already started to run. ))))) I'll tell you about this next time.

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