Mask "Morgan le Fay"

  Halloween - a very interesting holiday. This is the day - a good reason to find the dark side (the vampire, witch, devil, ...). Find, accept and love. We're not angels. Sometimes experience fear, aggression, irritation. Being a "good girl" - is useless and tedious.
  Therefore, dressing up in monsters, we reset the mask soon and give yourself the freedom.
the history of creation:

  This dynamic character as a witch demanded asymmetrical composition. The symmetry of calms, and I needed a light, motion, question.
  But the evil sorceress know how to be compassionate - so there was a little tear-drop of moonstone.
Base to become tight, I flattened it with a hammer.
The most difficult step - is to bend the shape of the face mask on her to sit comfortably and in its place.
General sketch was drawn in advance. But the details and design were produced in the process. For convenience, I always used a mirror and even a little cheated nearly put a drop on the wrong side.)))

Long pondered what kind of stones to add. Finally settled on a gray twilight Labrador and blood-red garnet.
Patina with sulfuric liver to black.
Add the black silk - and the image of mysterious dark maiden ready.

Work in studio also brought me a lot of pleasure. Model: Lily - a very beautiful girl. Such perfect lines. But it's too good for that image. We are always reminded her, "You wicked fairy"))))
Photographer: Iren Brynza - very clever and professional.

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