How I tamed my dragon.

One day I wanted to make a wire not a lewelry, but something alive, with character. So Garnet Dragon was born. As it was ....

I very much thought .... Thought and thought ... And I began to study the anatomy of a lion. I want to my dragon was strong as a lion.

To create a truly strong, proud and wise creature, it was necessary to choose the right posture for sculpture.
When the sketch was done, I was able to start soldering components.
And that I grind it, and clean up the traces of tools.

Now my dragon was clean and can be woven patterns, adding details.
The most difficult part - it's a hood over his head dragon. You met a lot of dragons? I - no. As this part should look like? I had to rely on my imagination.
After the patina dragon turned black, elegant. But I wanted to add shine to some parts.

I gave to my dragon brave heart of natural garnet.


  1. Hi, it's Elisabeth again, thank you for giving your address site. I love dragons, particularly this one, you should do others, my son loves it too ! I know now why i love what you do, you like Art Nouveau as i do !

    1. And welcome here! :) Yes, I and my daughter is also very like dragons. Now I want to try to make a dragon in another position, perhaps more feminine.